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Hello~ This is my website for doll clothes commissions. You might've clicked off of Den of Angels , but if not, read on! :3
I made clothes for Asian Ball-jointed dolls, a awesome and unique hobby that brings out a lot of creativity. ABJD are made out of polyurethane resin, and not 'cheap barbie plastic'. The dolls are sculpted and cast by hand and often by independant artists in Korea and Japan. What makes BJDs unique are the many points of aritculation (ball-joints) changeable eyes and wigs that makes them semi-realistic works of art.
Because they are hand-made and require LOTS of skill, BJD are expensive. They come in all sortsof sizes from 5cm to 72cm. You can learn more about them at Den of Angels (Linked above)
I have two of these dolls, and here is my showcase for the clothes I sell :3 <3

&; Updates

February 4 07 ~ New gallery pictures, and the Hoodies page is done :3
January 14 07 ~ New website, I hope I remember to update this more ^^;;;
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