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&; Hoodies

Someone commissioned me a Totoro hoodie, and I fell in love with the design and the modifications of it. x3 Even my mom cooed when she saw the hoodie. The hoodies are made out of decontructed t-shirts, or they can be made out of any other material-- flannel, cotton, brocade etc. I have a wall of fabric inherited from my mother-- send my a color or a theme and I can give you several samples! -You can have any small picture on the hoodie, but if it's too intricate to cut out well I can't guarantee the transfer will match the fabric -You can customise it all you want:
-No hood
- Long sleeves
-Long sleeve w/ cuffs
-No pocket
-Regular polo t-shirt
- Drawstring
And on and on ^_^

Back view
Laying flat
Side view
Another view
Hood up
Hood up back view

&; Order?

Hoodies are 15$ Plus shipping (The price will go down as I get materials) This includes transfer paper, and it depends on how intricate you want it to be. If I have everything on hand, the cost will go down to $10 or less? ^^
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